Item collection 6f974bba c713 480f b86c 548b7f580669

Dark Red Ruby Quartz Statement Necklace, Tribal Style Jewelry, Tibetan Silver Statement Necklace, Bold Chunky Crystal Quartz Jewelry


Item collection d0353b7f 7056 4e42 9a09 16f18acf42fb

Big Chunky Agate Statement Necklace, Large Druzy Quartz Bead Jewelry, Bold Blue Rhinestone Bead Necklace, Wedding Statement, Bridal Jewelry


Item collection 1644205 original

Red Crystal Bronze Pendant Necklace


Item collection bcc2ed42 f472 4d9e 898b a404041a575b

Large Crystal Retro Cross with Silver Plated Chain Necklace, Rustic Rhinestone Cross Necklace Vintage Rhinestone Cross


Item collection 03e2950e ab49 4561 b5d4 6d9ddec1492e

Green Crystals with Brushed Silver Beads, Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace


Item collection 47f1049b b275 46eb 9524 f7d6f8bad287

Bold Blue Kiwi Jasper Statement Necklace, Chunky Large Sesame Jasper Necklace, Tibetan Silver Statement Necklace, Blue Necklace


Item collection dd1d741c 0de4 4223 bf3e 5eb0cb707ab4

Chunky Red Sesame Jasper Statement Necklace, Bold Red Sponge Coral Jewelry, OOAK Red Coral Nugget Necklace, Tibetan Silver Necklace Jewelry


Item collection 19488ff1 6cdc 4c95 b78e f87b41cc4b21

Chunky Chrysocolla Statement Necklace, Big Blue Jade Faceted Bead Necklace, Bold Large Beaded Jewelry, Blue Green Nugget Statement Necklace


Item collection 6605ca0b dc89 4720 934d def3b4954bd2

Pink Pearl Resin Flower Statement Necklace, Big Resin Rose Bridal Necklace, Mother of the Bride Necklace with Tibetan Silver


Item collection 825e6faa b1b0 4a22 858b 963681831b22

Chunky Yellow Turquoise Statement Necklace, Big Resin Rose Jewelry, Yellow or Red Rose Turquoise Statement Necklace, Tibetan Silver Jewelry


Item collection d1ded080 cfc1 4bf6 a1a7 8dfe3321702d

Bold Purple Agate Statement Necklace, Large Chunky Violet Oval Bead Jewelry, Big Navy Blue Faceted Jade Round Beads, Large Slab Bead Jewelry


Item collection b687b103 b5e6 4738 9bc5 6ed8d2cec07e

Large Chunky Blue Jade Statement Necklace, Rhinestone Rondelle Beaded Jewelry, Sparkling AB Crystal Necklace, Big Natural Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 177e4d7e 6ef4 4245 a51a 49870cb48b28

Chunky Green Slab Statement Necklace, Rough Raw Agate Jewelry, Large Link Chain Jewelry, Big Bold Silver Chain Statement Necklace


Item collection 47504127 db95 42cc 8a69 46acf92b174b

Beautiful Bold Gemstone Necklace, Big Chunky Blue and Green Faceted Beads, Freeform Agate Slabs, Silver Wire Wrapped Bead Statement Necklace


Item collection a27f83ca 37fc 4232 9f39 099ca53de6b5

Stabilized Turquoise Necklace with Blue Green Beads Silver Plated Flower Bead Caps Blue Jeans Casual Necklace


Item collection 546f1fbf 3460 4b0a a224 73b92c2136b7

Stabilized Blue Green Turquoise Necklace with Column Beads Tibetan Silver Tribal Style Statement Necklace and Bracelet Set


Item collection 5fb09714 8f5d 46ca 8d38 dcff12628cf2

Azure Blue Quartz Bead Statement Necklace, Faceted Oval Quartz, Big Bold Chunky Blue Agate Nugget Bead Necklace


Item collection ad5c26f6 59a2 4bde bde4 1ad58eac77e1

Large Turquoise Teardrop Choker Necklace with Tibetan Silver Beads Chunky Bold Big Gemstone Statement Necklace


Item collection a2c6fd74 55f1 4875 98a0 b283975c51a6

Red Sponge Coral Statement Necklace, Tibetan Silver Daisy Bead Jewelry, Red Coral Heart Necklace


Item collection 1565664 original

Chunky Red Coral Statement Necklace, Black Agate Jewelry, Donut Pendant Beads, Sponge Coral Statement Necklace


Item collection ad050808 6876 4a13 8c2a a1986251cb76

Chunky Red Sponge Coral Statement Necklace, Black Onyx Silver Bead Necklace, Red and Black Jewelry


Item collection 588f62d9 f51c 41b1 8032 28f0990af13f

Chunky Red Sponge Coral Necklace, Big Bold Coral Jewelry, Matching Earrings


Item collection 4db64762 8886 445b b429 73579b77a2fc

Chunky Natural Red Ruby Statement Necklace, Tibetan Silver Jewelry, Necklace


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