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Pink Agate Statement Necklace, Chunky Wire Wrapped Druzy Quartz Jewelry, Bright Silver Oval Chain Necklace, Large Frosted Agate Necklace


Item collection 6afef074 d893 4f31 9cae 2f5fc5971424

Pink Frosted Agate Statement Bracelet, Chunky Wire Wrapped Druzy Quartz Jewelry, Large Bold Bead Bracelet, Hot Pink Big Agate Bead Jewelry


Item collection 56bfe9ea 9d38 4f4b bc2b 34dd462c0fee

Raw Black Tourmaline Nugget Statement Necklace, Rough Clear Crystal Quartz Statement Necklace, Black and White Necklace


Item collection 371fea01 2455 454d afd1 f08addd7cad0

Raw Blue Sponge Coral Statement Necklace, Red Resin Rose Flower Pendant Necklace, Chunky Coral Choker, Rough Big Blue Rough Nugget Jewelry


Item collection 1cfe69f2 5a45 49b7 b114 bfbb510b5ef4

Raw Red Quartz Crystal Statement Necklace, Rough Chunky Quartz Spike Bib Jewelry, Bold Red Shard Point Jewelry, Big Red Crystal Necklace


Item collection b159a813 8db0 400a 8559 3323f9c96c4f

Chunky Raw Amethyst Quartz Statement Necklace, Big Bold Natural Rough Pink Stone Jewelry, Baroque Raw Purple Gemstone Statement Necklace


Item collection 0aeb7917 715d 42d1 81c9 1430fd4e3e6d

Chunky Raw Green Quartz Statement Necklace, Crystal Nugget Jewelry, Quartz Bridal Wedding Necklace, Emerald Rough Quartz Crystal Necklace


Item collection a6186950 07df 4cfd a864 6a931250dea3

Rough Amethyst Nugget Statement Necklace, Purple Raw Beads, Silver Plate Chain Jewelry, Big Chunky Bold Gemstone Statement Necklace


Item collection 10e1b480 6909 492a 9ada 122dadbfb247

Chunky Rough Quartz Statement Necklace, Blue Crystal Nugget Jewelry, Big Bold Hammered Nugget Necklace, Quartz Bridal Wedding Statement


Item collection ec7b7461 728a 4f28 a946 1c4b5bd633d6

Raw Chunky Green Fluorite Statement Necklace, Bold Chunky Rough Nugget Jewelry, Big Hammered Raw Nugget Necklace, Large Beaded Jewelry


Item collection 5485b322 8ba3 480d bde5 d19fcfcf4646

Rough Amazonite Nugget Statement Necklace, Chunky Hammered Amazonite Nugget Jewelry, Raw Natural Stone Jewelry, Crystal and Stone Necklace


Item collection 90df9c27 ead6 4cb8 8652 af7528b3db34

Raw Natural Chunky Tourmaline Statement Necklace, Rough Pink Tourmaline Nugget Gemstone Jewelry, Large Hammered Nugget Stone Necklace


Item collection e91e8f78 fa0f 4e12 aa70 614a127494aa

Chunky Red Bamboo Coral Statement Necklace, Large Turquoise Magnesite Jewelry, Raw Freeform Bamboo Nuggets, Big Turquoise Coral Necklace


Item collection 7d82afbd 4e84 4220 89f3 72f3d1372e45

Chunky Raw Quartz Statement Necklace, Icy Blue Crystal Nugget Jewelry, Big Bold Hammered Nugget Necklace, Quartz Bridal Wedding Statement


123 Gemstones & Julies Treasures

Bold Statement Jewelry! I have been making jewelry since 2007 and love making new and unique pieces.

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