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Chunky Bold Shell Beach Wedding Statement Necklace, Large Pink Mother Of Pearl Jewelry, Big Chunky Coin Beach Statement Necklace


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Peacock Blue Statement Necklace, Frosted White Beach Glass Jewelry, Chunky Bead Tibetan Silver Statement Necklace, Bold Blue Crystal Jewelry


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Bold Chunky Green Jade Statement Necklace, White Turquoise Beaded Jewelry, Big Green Stone Statement Jewelry, Chunky White Buffalo Necklace


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Pink Mother of Pearl Beach Wedding Statement Necklace, Peach Shell Beach Jewelry, Pink Mother of Pearl Jewelry, Mother of the Bride Necklace


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Purple Crackle Glass Statement Necklace, Tibetan Silver Beaded Jewelry, Beach Wedding Statement Necklace, Purple and Silver Beach Jewelry


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Ocean Blue & Lime Green Shell Statement Necklace, Mother Of Pearl Big Bead Jewelry, Chunky Beach Wedding Necklace, Big Bold Summer Jewelry


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Bright Cheery Mother of Pearl Shell Beach Necklace, Pink Crackle Glass Silver Plate Chain, Multistrand Bold Beach Wedding Statement Necklace


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Chunky Green Czech Satin Bead Statement Necklace, Big Bold Beaded Jewelry, Large 11 Strand Dark Green Glass Jewelry, Beach Wedding Necklace


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Bold Green Chunky Nugget Necklace, Blue Coin Iridescent Mother of Pearl Shell, Big 10 Strand Beach Wedding Statement Necklace, Beach Jewelry


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Pink & Purple Statement Necklace, Pink Lampwork Flower Bead Jewelry, Purple Acrylic Beaded Jewellery, Pink Purple Beach Wedding Statement


Item collection 54e11e0a f8b8 45da bc31 3e31a66e6ceb

Chunky Beach Wedding Statement Necklace, Mother of Pearl Shell Jewelry, Yellow Shell Mosaic Bead Statement Necklace, Yellow Beach Wedding


Item collection e1d7a852 0d12 4b54 9500 e1f9f136570d

Red Beach Wedding Statement Necklace, Red and White Beaded Jewelry, Big Bold Beach Wedding Statement Necklace


Item collection 3b553ec8 7cfe 4572 b4c9 93d9d419239d

Plum Frosted Beach Glass Statement Necklace,Purple and Tibetan Silver Jewelry, Big Bold Purple Beach Wedding Statement Necklace


123 Gemstones & Julies Treasures

Bold Statement Jewelry! I have been making jewelry since 2007 and love making new and unique pieces.

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