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Natural Rhodochrosite Statement Necklace, Vintage Style Silver Rhinestone Broach Jewelry, Light Coral Beaded Jewelry, Bold Chunky Necklace


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Blue Turquoise Magnesite Statement Necklace, Red and Blue Beaded Multi-Strand Jewelry, Big Bold Red and Blue Turquoise Statement Necklace


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Chunky Chain Statement Necklace, Antique Silver Chain Jewelry, Aluminum Blue & White Patterned Large Link Chain Necklace, Chain Statement


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Purple Gemstone Statement Necklace, Chunky Amethyst Beaded Jewelry, Cape Amethyst Bold Statement Necklace, Shades of Lavender Jewelry


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Chunky Twisted Hot Pink Jade Statement Necklace, Gunmetal Black Bead Gemstone Jewelry, Big Bold Unique Pink Jade Beaded Statement Necklace


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Chunky Light Blue Agate Statement Necklace, Big Druzy Agate Crystal Nugget Beaded Jewelry, Bold Aqua Crystal Gemstone Statement Necklace


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Chunky Cherry Quartz Statement Necklace, White Turquoise Beaded Jewelry, Red and White Necklace, Tibetan Silver Beads, Big Bold Statement


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Huge Chunky Green Serpentine Statement Necklace, Large Bold Faceted Green Agate, White Turquoise Chunky Bead 2 Strand Wave Bead Necklace


Item collection dd8b2bba 298a 49e2 80e3 b3c462764b4d

Big Blue and White Bold Chunky Ceramic Beads Dark Blue Glass Beaded 2 Strand Statement Nekclace


Item collection a3b494d2 6012 4db8 91ab c4a597b89556

Chunky Sponge Coral Statement Necklace, Bamboo Coral Multi-Strand Necklace, Coral Jewelry


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Carved Jade Statement Necklace, Chocolate Brown Jade Bead Jewelry, Colorful Turquoise Blue and Lime Magnesite Jewelry, Tribal Style Necklace


123 Gemstones & Julies Treasures

Bold Statement Jewelry! I have been making jewelry since 2007 and love making new and unique pieces.

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