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Men's Bold Fire Agate Statement Necklace, Chunky Black Agate Stone Pendant, Long Black Chain Unisex Jewelry, Masculine Statement Necklace


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Men's Agate Statement Necklace, Masculine Etched Tribal Pendant, Chunky Brown Stone Pendant Jewelry, Men's Bold Agate Statement Jewelry


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Men's Gothic Pendant Necklace, Angel Wing Statement Necklace, Large Unisex Rhinestone Cross Pendant, Masculine Gothic Statement Jewelry


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Men's Blue Pendant Necklace, Mens Statement Jewelry, Masculine Agate Stone Jewelry, Chunky Gemstone Statement Jewelry, Blue Pendant Necklace


123 Gemstones & Julies Treasures

Bold Statement Jewelry! I have been making jewelry since 2007 and love making new and unique pieces.

After 8 years on Etsy I moved my shop and I will be at these locations: