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Scarf Jewelry, Blue Rhinestone Antique Silver Flower Scarf Pendant, Scarf Accessories


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Scarf Jewelry Tibetan Bronze Green Rhinestone Elephant Scarf Pendant


Item collection 791882dd a912 408f a8fd b1fd03e1f905

Chunky Carved Teal Jade Necklace with Turquoise Blue Magnesite Tibetan Silver 2 Strand Statement Necklace


Item collection 597ee465 a5e1 422d 96b0 c7360196c2ce

Scarf Jewelry Antique Silver Tone Metal Butterfly Scarf Pendant Charm


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Scarf Jewelry Tibetan Silver Metal Sapphire Blue Rhinestone Elephant Scarf Pendant


Item collection 2d1f9298 1640 4157 8033 2ed8c02a6d07

Scarf Jewelry Antique Silver Turquoise Butterfly Scarf Pendant Scarf Charm


Item collection 76967970 6988 4ea3 9137 055e9e38b230

Scarf Jewelry Large Gold Tibet Style Turquoise Resin Scarf Pendant


Item collection 462e5228 d3a6 457d b914 1733743a0f0a

Scarf Jewelry Tibetan Bronze Metal Rhinestone Elephant Scarf Pendant


Item collection 8711fa63 1443 4a6e 8df6 c152388bfc40

Scarf Jewelry Antique Silver Color Plated Red Resin Scarf Pendant


Item collection d81e5727 a02e 42ef b738 92cf972ef964

Scarf Jewelry Silver Color Rhinestone Tiger Leopard Face Scarf Pendant


Item collection 276956d4 bd26 4d09 9365 5bb57db8d03b

Scarf Jewelry Antique Silver Rhinestone Flower Scarf Pendant


Item collection 4136089 original

Dramatic Green Resin and Rhinestone Scarf Pendant Jewelry


Item collection 4125456 original

Scarf Jewelry Detailed Silver Metal Rhinestone Leaf Scarf Pendant


Item collection 2155209 original

Faceted Red Agate & Gold Beaded Chain Necklace


Item collection 3829879 original

Large Shimmering Black Silver Clear Faceted Crystal Statement Necklace


Item collection 3829877 original

Amber Glass, Crystal Rhinestone, Silver plated Bead 2 Strand Bracelet


Item collection 2155313 original

Copper and Black Agate Beaded Boot Bling, Anklet Statement Bracelet


Item collection 80388341 a20b 4fd5 ba85 f1911d0f1f97

Black Agate Hematite and Red Crystal Beaded Boot Bling, Ankle Statement Bracelet


Item collection 2155250 original

Amber Glass with Marble Boot Statement Bracelet, Tibetan Silver Beaded Boot Bling, Anklet Bracelet


Item collection 0ae21203 2f24 44bd acad f1eaeaf51750

Fire Crab Agate Boot Bling, Tibetan Silver Beaded Boot Bracelet, Statement Anklet Bracelet


Item collection 588f62d9 f51c 41b1 8032 28f0990af13f

Chunky Red Sponge Coral Necklace, Big Bold Coral Jewelry, Matching Earrings


Item collection f762910b b955 46ac 9d32 0f6953b42b09

Montana Dark Blue Crystal Bracelet, Tibetan Silver Beaded and Bead Cap Bracelet


Item collection 4db64762 8886 445b b429 73579b77a2fc

Chunky Natural Red Ruby Statement Necklace, Tibetan Silver Jewelry, Necklace


Item collection 1565625 original

Peacock Blue Crystals & Tibetan Silver Beaded Bracelet


Item collection 1644238 original

Crystals and Maroon Shell Pearl Necklace Bracelet Earring Set


Item collection 1565631 original

Turquoise & Glass Chain & Pendant Cowgirl Necklace


Item collection 183111 original

Red & Black Firepolish Beaded Bracelet


Item collection 182728 original

Green Jade & Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet


Item collection 56322193 8252 4f67 ad4d a091b8499c33

Chunky Rhinestone Black Flower Statement Bracelet, Black Onyx and Tibetan Silver Bead Bracelet, Double Strand Bracelet


Item collection 2155295 original

Copper Wire Wrapped Boot Bling, Chainmaille Beaded Boot Bling Statement Bracelet, Western Boot Jewelry


Item collection 2155216 original

Gold Wire Wrapped Red Coral Pendant Necklace


Item collection 1614809 original

Sparking Crystal Silver Pierced Earrings


123 Gemstones & Julies Treasures

Bold Statement Jewelry! I have been making jewelry since 2007 and love making new and unique pieces.

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