Item collection 9f09f524 ada1 4863 ac30 3a2eca827817

Mona Lisa Medallion Keyring, Antique Silver Pendant Keychain, Zipper or Purse Pull


Item collection 797611ec 5745 40b0 9c0f d044c37eabeb

Boy's Blue White Sodalite Rosary, 5 Decade Traditional Catholic Rosary, Communion Gemstone Rosaries, Italian Crucifix and Rosary Center


Item collection 6097e430 3999 4910 aab4 d1b3b9dc72f0

First Communion Crystal Green Rosary, Girls Petite Crystal 5 Decade Catholic Rosary, Handcrafted Rosaries, Italian Filigree Crucifix Cross


Item collection 8e321a4e 34f6 48aa 922b 3b7d0f912386

Child's Purple Crackle Glass Rosary, Five Decade Handcrafted Catholic Rosary, Crystal Rosaries, Italian Filigree Crucifix Cross


Item collection 28cb46d7 7132 447a b6dc fa80f412b5bc

Clear Crystal 5 Decade Rosary, Handcrafted Catholic Rosary, Faceted Crystal Rosaries, Italian Teardrop Crucifix Cross, Traditional Rosaries


Item collection d3ad9b8c 76c3 4359 911f 7ec97b0dd260

Carved Red and White Coral Rosary, 5 Decade Traditional Catholic Rosary, Handcrafted Gemstone Rosaries, Italian Crucifix and Rosary Center


Item collection c129d318 989d 4e45 94c3 906f55156e41

Sea Horse Keyring, Antique Silver Horse Zipper Pull, Key Chain


Item collection e80495d6 d54e 4006 a3af c0948fbb796b

Black Cross Zipper Pull, Purse Charm


Item collection 8256d5d2 593e 4dab a415 97757d2fc2fb

Large Crystal Retro Cross Zipper Pull, Rhinestone Cross Purse Charm, Antique Silver Zipper Pull


Item collection 774e2002 a325 43f7 b0cd f6b4467476f3

Antique Silver Angel Wing Zipper Pull, Wing Jacket Pull, Purse Jewelry, Zipper Charm, Necklace Charm


Item collection 5c03d688 6663 4aaa aacb c35daff55ac9

Copper Keyring, Ornate Rhinestone Medallion Key Chain, Round Copper Key Holder


Item collection e395b3b9 aee3 4b54 89a4 9277b6802f96

Bronze Medallion Keyring, Large Oval Medallion Zipper Pull


Item collection 65a7fcbb cf26 4062 96dd 4ff0cce1540f

Indian Head and Buffalo Keyring, Antique Silver Coin Keychain, Indian Head Nickel Coin Zipper Pull


Item collection 36b90eae f941 43f1 b6c1 bf8662b086fc

Chunky Natural Lapis Lazuli Statement Necklace, Blue Spike Crystal Jewelry, Lapis Crystal Fan Necklace, Rough Nugget Bold Statement Jewelry


Item collection fc0574f6 7454 45cb 9088 a3306d34b3a3

Chunky Amethyst Bib Statement Necklace, Quartz Cleopatra Branch Fan Necklace, Chunky Quartz Raw Jewelry, Bold Amethyst Nugget Jewelry


Item collection aed59c37 3eed 4996 8bff 12c83fbefeb1

Rhinestone Angel Wing Cowgirl Boot Bracelet, Silver Cowgirl Statement Choker, Gold Rhinestone Wing Boot Bracelet


Item collection efd31799 550e 44d3 9823 dcbb04630f29

Chunky Bold AB Crystal Statement Necklace, Rhinestone Quartz Bridal Wedding Jewelry, Crystal Quartz Oval Bead Mother of the Bride Necklace


Item collection 32cf3e99 10ad 4c55 b090 5402d016a0cc

Pink Agate Statement Necklace, Chunky Wire Wrapped Druzy Quartz Jewelry, Bright Silver Oval Chain Necklace, Large Frosted Agate Necklace


Item collection 6afef074 d893 4f31 9cae 2f5fc5971424

Pink Frosted Agate Statement Bracelet, Chunky Wire Wrapped Druzy Quartz Jewelry, Large Bold Bead Bracelet, Hot Pink Big Agate Bead Jewelry


Item collection 8c5b488e d72d 4c02 be16 7afe6a2cf5ef

Swarovski Rhinestone Cowgirl Concho Keyring, Pink Crystal Longhorn Steer Berry Concho, Cowgirl Keychain Statement, Western Key Holder


Item collection 105be9b6 7294 4382 a9d8 2a9275a14c99

Cowgirl Concho Statement Keychain, Crystal Longhorn Steer Berry Concho, Western Swarovski Rodeo Keyring, Cowgirl Statement Key Holder Ring


Item collection 1259d036 e9b9 48fc b904 ed0042a8b3ae

Chunky Crystal Statement Necklace, Sparkling Big Crystal Quartz Wedding Jewelry, Mother of the Bride Necklace, Large Crystal Bridal Choker


Item collection 0e5a37bb 87a9 42e5 8b39 76946afd6159

Chunky Bold Shell Beach Wedding Statement Necklace, Large Pink Mother Of Pearl Jewelry, Big Chunky Coin Beach Statement Necklace


Item collection 79795036 4059 48d9 a61a af22c02f03cf

Chunky Turquoise Cowgirl Statement Necklace, Copper Wire Wrapped White Turquoise & Crystal Western Necklace, Gunmetal Chain Cowgirl Necklace


Item collection 56bfe9ea 9d38 4f4b bc2b 34dd462c0fee

Raw Black Tourmaline Nugget Statement Necklace, Rough Clear Crystal Quartz Statement Necklace, Black and White Necklace


Item collection 5b3efa2c 49df 403c b805 b42f2479844a

Chunky Blue Howlite Slab Statement Necklace, Big Bold Slab Bead Jewelry, Large Blue Nugget Cowgirl Statement Jewelry, Blue Matching Earrings


Item collection 547faef0 71d5 4b5f 8029 42703a6cfe22

Big Red Cross Cowgirl Rodeo Statement Necklace, Chunky Bold Turquoise Bead Necklace, Western Cowgirl Wedding Necklace, Tibetan Silver Choker


Item collection e57e8d49 b320 4332 aee8 018949a3e79c

Chunky Blue Crystal Quartz Statement Necklace, Big Blue Nugget Jewelry, Large Bold Nugget Wedding Necklace, Mother of the Bride Jewelry


Item collection d0fd2265 b7c5 4432 8ca5 69107c1aad4d

Chunky White Turquoise Statement Necklace, Pink Rhyolite Stone Jewelry, Bold Pink Magnesite, Tibetan Silver Bead, Cowgirl Western Necklace


Item collection 6a38e23d 66f7 42e1 9f23 9c4207680316

Men's Blue Jasper Statement Necklace, Masculine Pendant Jewelry, Large Chunky Link Black Chain Jewelry, Navy Impression Jasper Pendant


Item collection 5ad689db 3621 4613 a778 a3114a0a7595

Men's Turquoise Blue Pendant Necklace, Men's Statement Necklace, Unisex Chunky Gemstone Jewelry, Large Link Black Chain Pendant Jewelry


Item collection 7df7a1fd 4806 44c0 8c56 2f78e796ae18

Men's Black Bear Carved Statement Necklace, Carved Jade Pendant Chain Necklace, Big Bold Carved Bear Amulet , Chunky Mens Black Jade Jewelry


Item collection 43c2b09d e448 449e a68c 517e55dc6a2a

Men's Obsidian Howling Wolf Pendant Statement Necklace, Chunky Hand Carved Gemstone Pendant, Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant, Masculine Jewelry


Item collection 65a3d815 d887 4007 9962 fb618d8417b8

Men's Chunky Agate Statement Necklace, Chunky Stone Pendant, Long Black Chain Unisex Necklace, Big Bold Wire Wrapped Agate Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 07df6752 5383 4e04 9d17 a41049cbc6e3

Men's Tiger Eye Statement Necklace, Beautiful Large Stone Pendant Jewelry, Chunky Bold Mens Big Pendant Necklace, Mens Bronze Chain Necklace


Item collection 6d2410c5 1502 4c95 b32d 5ffd2f2b65fd

Men's Jasper Pendant Statement Necklace, Masculine Chunky Pendant Jewelry, Men's Silver Chain Necklace, Unisex Natural Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection cefccebd e2f6 4d64 a555 f1f0150feab1

Men's Pendant Statement Necklace, Black & Green Druzy Agate Jewelry, Chunky Bold Stone Pendant Jewelry, Men's Large Green Agate Necklace


Item collection 9e72eb14 beaa 40ab a7b9 a71623134f05

Hot Pink Turquoise Cowgirl Statement Necklace, Southwestern Style Jewelry, Western Cowgirl Rodeo Necklace


Item collection 3829835 original

Attractive Red Cloisonne and Gold Beaded Necklace


Item collection 3829830 original

Unique Red Pumpkin Bead Cloisonne and Gold Chain Necklace


Item collection df415eb6 f75a 4c59 b123 e84bf8f6ffe6

Chunky Hot Pink Jade Statement Necklace, Black Onyx Jewelry, Tibetan Silver Beaded Necklace,


Item collection 371fea01 2455 454d afd1 f08addd7cad0

Raw Blue Sponge Coral Statement Necklace, Red Resin Rose Flower Pendant Necklace, Chunky Coral Choker, Rough Big Blue Rough Nugget Jewelry


Item collection 02363f40 d415 4e88 ac80 ed6d12090804

Bold Chunky Turquoise Cowgirl Statement Necklace, White Turquoise Magnesite Slab Pendant Jewelry, Big Chunky Turquoise Statement Necklace


Item collection b739026f 841b 46c6 8ef4 cc976d58dbab

Large Pearl Tassel Necklace, Boho Style Suede Tassel Necklace, Long Chain Necklace


Item collection 7959e2e9 e29e 4c6a 8a6f 0dbc86d8fea0

Men's Aqua Blue Jasper Statement Necklace, Snake Skin Jasper Pendant Jewelry, Masculine Gemstone Silver Chain Necklace, Men's Stone Jewelry


Item collection 4df127e4 a1fd 4b3f b61b 40f35ef9d85b

Bold Pink and Black Druzy Agate Statement Necklace, Chunky Pink Black Crystals, Large Pink Crackle Agate Flat Nugget Jewelry, Large Beads


Item collection 7011a53f aa1d 4b10 aef3 6e15b0146e30

Peacock Blue Crackle Glass Statement Necklace, Gold Bead and Chain Jewelry, Blue Crystal Glam Necklace, Vintage Style Necklace, Blue & Gold


Item collection cb730ea6 353b 4b7e aa26 4e949759b8d4

Chunky Bold Amethyst Statement Necklace, Big Purple Gemstone Jewelry, Cape Amethyst Quartz Statement Necklace, Shades of Lavender Jewelry


Item collection 343942a3 9761 4a42 a02f 45a23f6cd205

Bold Green Agate Statement Necklace, Large Chunky Emerald Slab Bead Jewelry, Big Blue Faceted Quartz Round Beads, Tibetan Silver Jewelry


Item collection b382983c c27b 4aad af12 0f38794b43c8

Peacock Blue Statement Necklace, Frosted White Beach Glass Jewelry, Chunky Bead Tibetan Silver Statement Necklace, Bold Blue Crystal Jewelry


Item collection 1cfe69f2 5a45 49b7 b114 bfbb510b5ef4

Raw Red Quartz Crystal Statement Necklace, Rough Chunky Quartz Spike Bib Jewelry, Bold Red Shard Point Jewelry, Big Red Crystal Necklace


Item collection 9c1d2a45 1826 4c20 90c6 147d2d33de16

Chunky White Cracked Quartz Statement Necklace, Snowball Quartz Wedding Jewelry, Crystal Quartz Dangling Earrings, Bridal Jewelry Sets


Item collection 6f974bba c713 480f b86c 548b7f580669

Dark Red Ruby Quartz Statement Necklace, Tribal Style Jewelry, Tibetan Silver Statement Necklace, Bold Chunky Crystal Quartz Jewelry


Item collection fb5dc08f 6462 41d0 9204 7a5f3ec2eac6

Chunky Cowgirl Statement Necklace, Bold Blackstone Yellow Turquoise Western Jewelry, Western Horse Concho Rodeo Jewelry, Big Black Crystals


Item collection b95f0639 6487 4b3d b5d0 6006841f7a05

Peacock Freshwater Pearl Statement Necklace, Large Rice Pearl Bridal Jewelry, Mother Of The Bride Necklace, Bridal Wedding Statement Jewelry


Item collection 4cf984e4 360b 4571 bb6d 69e89403aaff

Chunky Fire Crab Agate Statement Earrings, Bold Faceted Aurora Borealis Crystal Quartz Jewelry, Big Bold Chunky Gemstone Statement Earrings


Item collection fa8a05b8 ece4 4a33 a1bb 940ad3f1a8a7

Chunky Faceted Agate Quartz Statement Necklace, Natural Bold Red Large Bead Jewelry, Tibetan Silver Fire Agate Designer Statement Necklace


Item collection 6737ab07 cb0e 4ae4 9964 3f611fdd2e73

Western Cowgirl Chunky Turquoise Statement Necklace, Bold White Turquoise Magnesite Jewelry, Big Bead Tibetan Silver Statement Necklace


Item collection 274d27d6 a586 4bf8 8ede b0f1a98f49e0

Big Bold Chunky Cape Amethyst Statement Necklace, Crystal Oval Chevron Amethyst, Large Faceted Rice Beads with Light Pink Chips Necklace


Item collection 83b4694b 7591 4667 9f8d 38afa52069eb

Bold Chunky Green Jade Statement Necklace, White Turquoise Beaded Jewelry, Big Green Stone Statement Jewelry, Chunky White Buffalo Necklace


123 Gemstones & Julies Treasures

Bold Statement Jewelry! I have been making jewelry since 2007 and love making new and unique pieces.

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