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Natural Rhodochrosite Statement Necklace, Vintage Style Silver Rhinestone Broach Jewelry, Light Coral Beaded Jewelry, Bold Chunky Necklace

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Natural rhodochrosite statement necklace, with vintage style silver rhinestone broach. This gorgeous light coral and red crystal natural rhodochrosite beaded necklace gives a striking contrast with the triple color difference to this piece of jewelry. The big highly polished faceted round light coral color beads are so unique and about 12mm each. The red faceted 10mm beads come in two shades are highly polished and compliment each other. To achieve these colors they have dyed the natural rhodochrosite beads. The silver color brooch is approximately 40x34mm with a large sparkling faceted rhinestone in the center. This chunky multi-strand authentic gemstone necklace makes a bold statement. The shortest strand is 22 3/4 inches and the longest strand is about 32 inches. It is finished with bright silver colored large oval link chain and a large silver plated heart lobster clasp.

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Rhodochrosite ( from Greek: “rose-coloured”) is a manganese carbonate mineral. Its chemical composition is MnCO3. In its purest form it is a transparent rose red, but this is fairly rare. It can also be formed in stalactites. This form can be sliced revealing circular layers of rose and pink to milky white. These lighter colors are formed when the manganese is replaced by calcium, manganese or zinc. The depth of color from red to pink depends on the amount of substitution

Rhodochrosite is normally a pale pink stone with white stripes. It was “discovered” in Argentina just before World War II, but was used by the Incas as early as the thirteenth century! This gemstone, also known as the stone of “love and balance,” can balance emotions, attract comfort, and release past psychological issues. Rhodochrosite is also said to draw love to the person that wears it! Rhodochrosite occurs as a hydrothermal vein mineral along with other manganese minerals in low temperature ore deposits as in the silver mines of Romania where it was first found. Banded rhodochrosite is mined in Capillitas, Argentina. Catamarca, Argentina has an old Incan silver mine that has produced fine stalactitic examples of rhodochrosite that are unique and very attractive. Cut cross-sections reveal concentric bands of light and dark rose colored layers.
Notable occurrences are at Cavnic in Romania and at Butte, Mont., and Leadville, Colo., in the United States. Magnesium, iron, and calcium are generally partially substituted for manganese, pure rhodochrosite being relatively rare; rhodochrosite forms a partial solid-solution (chemical substitution) series with calcite and with siderite in which calcium and iron, respectively, replace manganese in the crystal structure.

A recent supplier of outstanding Rhodochrosite specimens including some very large crystals is the Wutong Mine, Wuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang, China. Banded Rhodochrosite has come from Japan in the Inakuraishi mine, Shiribeshi Province; and from the Oppu mine in Nishimeya. Very strange pseudomorphs of Rhodochrosite over organic material such as shells come from the Kerch peninsula, Crimea, Ukraine.

Natural Rhodochrosite Statement Necklace, Vintage Style Silver Rhinestone Broach Natural Rhodochrosite Statement Necklace, Vintage Style Silver Rhinestone Broach

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