Swarovski Creamrose Pearl & Red Velvet Crystal Wedding Statement Necklace & Earrings


Mens Hand Carved Howling Wolf Pendant Statement Necklace, Chunky Jade Gemstone Pendant, Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant, Masculine Jewelry


Silver Rhinestone Wedding Statement Necklace, Silver Stardust Bead & Chunky Black Crystal Lariat Style Jewelry, Mother of the Bride Necklace


Chunky Green Slab Statement Necklace, Rough Raw Agate Jewelry, Large Link Chain Jewelry, Big Bold Silver Chain Statement Necklace


Chunky Granite Turquoise Statement Necklace, Bold Blue Turquoise Beaded Jewelry, Tibetan Silver Large Gemstone Bib Style Necklace


Chunky Natural Rhodonite Statement Necklace, Natural Gemstone Nugget Jewelry, Bold Pink Faceted Crystal Necklace, Big Bold Statement


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123 Gemstones & Julies Treasures

Bold Statement Jewelry! Buy with confidence!
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